5 Hidden Symbols of the Gondolas in Venice.

Have you ever taken a closer look at something and wondered if there was more to see? A hidden meaning, symbolism that encapsulates so much more than what’s at the surface. This is not lost when looking at the gondolas in Venice. Here are 5 hidden symbols:

  1. The curve of the metal decoration located at the bow mimics an 'S' which is in direct relation to the 'S' shape of the Grand Canal.
  2. The six districts of Venice are represented by the six prongs.
  3. The backward facing prong symbolizes Giudecca, the island in the Venetian lagoon.
  4. The flourish located at the top of the metal decoration is illustrative of the Doge's cap.
  5. Lastly, the arch located between the flourish and the six prongs is representative of the Rialto Bridge.

Plus a couple facts:

  1. Every gondola is 35'6" long and 4'6" wide with one side 10 inches longer than the other. This design is to compensate for the gondolier. Another fact is all
  2. All gondolas are black. This came about as a result of too many different coloured gondolas by the 16th century. It was deemed disorderly thus a law was introduced making black manditory.