Shared Experiences

When you decide to travel outside of an all-inclusive holiday destination you are exposed to a different mix of people. Everyone who is traveling from far and near as well as locals all cross paths. We are told to be mindful and aware of everyone and everything that is around us, be cautious. This does not mean to live in a bubble excluding the experiences of others.  

We take photographs of our travels and share them with others. Sometimes we can add in a story, share a moment, describe the experience or just share the image and let the imagination take hold. There are usually more stories than time to tell them.

There will be "moments" within your travels that will stick in your memories for a very long time. I had an experience to share from my travels in Florence, Italy...

It was fall, so the days had begun to shorten and I found myself on Piazzale Michealangelo overlooking Florence in late afternoon (see the view above). There was a vendor cart stationed in the piazzale selling drinks and snacks. Being Europe, this meant you weren't limited to water and pop, there was wine, beer and champagne also available. I bought myself a beer and sat on the steps to overlook the sprawling beauty of the city below.

A short while later a small group of British travelers climbed the wide staircase and joined the many other travelers resting their feet. One of the gentlemen parted from the group and returned a short while later with a bottle. About 50-75 people were scattered over the steps as couples and small groups, all enthralled in there own interactions. For a moment no one was aware of others outside of their own small circles.


Without any kind of formal announcement, the half dozen or so, British travelers soon shared their intentions for being in Florence. They were celebrating the 50th birthday of one of their friends. A jovial chorus of "Happy Birthday" began a ripple across the steps. Amongst all the strangers from different countries and backgrounds there was a thread drawing everyone a little bit closer. What started as a small group celebrating amongst themselves soon spread to a choir of strangers singing 'Happy Birthday" with sheer joy. Culminating in a round of applause and cheers.

That is what traveling is all about, shared experiences.